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Selling a Musical Instrument

Are you thinking about selling your musical instrument?

For Sale

If so, you should:

  1. First, register your instrument with MusicTag.

  2. Next, ensure you mark your instrument's status in your account as "for sale".

    If your instrument isn't marked "for sale", potential buyers may think you are trying to sell a stolen instrument.

  3. Next, you should advertise your instruments to potential buyers making sure you list your Tag Number so buyers can check your instrument.

    You may find that you will be asked about the details of your instrument before someone offers to buy your instrument. This is perfectly normal and should be encouraged (see our Buying guide for details).

  4. Finally, once you have sold your instrument, you should destroy the instrument's MusicTag certificate and mark your instrument as "sold" in your account.

Avoid stolen instruments; always check before you buy

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