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MusicTag: UK Musical Instrument Register

Check It!

Ensure it's legitimate before you buy

Register It!

Add your instruments to the register

Protect It!

Stop the selling of stolen instruments

Never Buy Stolen Instruments!

Always check the MusicTag register before you buy, to ensure the seller is the legitimate owner:

Check it's legitimate!

Don't know an instrument's Tag Code?
Check the instrument using our Instrument Check service.

Register Your Instruments

MusicTag is the UK Musical Instrument Register.

Clarinet protection

You should protect all of your musical instruments by registering with MusicTag.

Registration is quick and easy and will record you as the legitimate owner of your instruments, thereby helping to protect them from loss and theft in future.

Apply for your Tag Codes today!

Keep Yourself Protected

Update the status of your instruments by keeping your MusicTag account up-to-date:

Access your account


Avoid stolen instruments; always check before you buy

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