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Woodwind Instruments

The sound from a woodwind instrument is produced by blowing through a mouthpiece, against an edge or by a vibrating reed. The pitch is varied by opening or closing holes in the body of the instrument.

Although many early instruments were made from wood, the name "woodwind" is now somewhat misleading as some instruments in this family are constructed from metal and plastic as well as from wood.

    • Piccolo
    • Flute
    • Alto Flute
      Alto Flute
    • Bass Flute
      Bass Flute
    • Contra-alto Flute
      Contra-alto Flute
    • Contra-bass Flute
      Contra-bass Flute


    • Garkleine
    • Sopranino
      Sopranino Recorder
    • Descant
      Descant Recorder
    • Treble
      Treble Recorder
    • Tenor
      Tenor Recorder
    • Bass
      Bass Recorders


    • Eb Clarinet
      Eb Clarinet
    • Bb Clarinet
      Bb Clarinet
    • A Clarinet
      A Clarinet
    • Basset Clarinet
      Basset Clarinet
    • Basset Horn
      Basset Horn
    • Alto Clarinet
      Alto Clarinet
    • Bass Clarinet
      Bass Clarinet
    • Contra-alto Clarinet
      Contra-alto Clarinet
    • Contra-bass Clarinet
      Contra-bass Clarinet


    • Sopranino
      Sopranino Saxophone
    • Soprano
      Soprano Saxophone
    • Alto
      Alto Saxophone
    • Tenor
      Tenor Saxophone
    • Baritone
      Baritone Saxophone
    • Bass
      Bass Saxophone


    • Oboe
    • Oboe d'Amore
      Oboe d'Amore
    • Cor Anglais
      Cor Anglais
    • Bass Oboe
      Bass Oboe
    • Heckelphone

    Oboe & related

    • Tenoroon
    • Bassoon
    • Contra bassoon
      Contra bassoon


    • Harmonica


Please note that not all woodwind instruments are shown here. In addition, there are often other variations on many of the instruments listed above that have not been included. We have however tried to include the most common instruments and their derivatives.

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