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Keyboard Instruments

Keyboard instruments are characterised by their layout of keys, each pressed using the player's fingers to sound a different note.

    • Digital Piano
      Digital Piano
    • Upright Piano
      Upright Piano
    • Forte Piano
      Forte Piano
    • Baby Grand Piano
      Baby Grand Piano
    • Grand Piano
      Grand Piano


    • Electronic Keyboard
      Electronic Keyboard

    Electronic Keyboard

    • Harpsichord
    • Clavichord
    • Spinet

    Harpsichord & related

    • Celesta


    • Harmonium Harmonium
    • Electric Organ
      Electric Organ
    • Pipe Organ
      Pipe Organ


Please note that not all keyboard instruments are shown here. In addition, there are often other variations on many of the instruments listed above that have not been included. We have however tried to include the most common instruments and their derivatives.

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