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Brass Instruments

A brass instrument is a musical instrument whose tone is produced by the vibration of a player's lips as the player blows into a tubular resonator.

Although most brass instruments are made of brass, not all instruments made from brass fall under this category (for example, saxophones are actually woodwind instruments).

    • Trumpet
      Trumpets (in Bb, C, D/Eb, E, F/G, etc.)
    • Piccolo Trumpet
      Piccolo Trumpet
    • Bass Trumpet
      Bass Trumpet
    • Fanfare Trumpet
      Fanfare Trumpet


    • Cornet
    • Eb Cornet
      Eb Cornet


    • Flugelhorn

    Flugel Horn

    • French Horn
      French Horn
    • Double French Horn
      Double French Horn

    French Horns

    • Soprano Trombone
      Soprano Trombone
    • Alto Trombone
      Alto Trombone
    • Trombone
    • Valve Trombone
      Valve Trombone
    • Bass Trombone
      Bass Trombone


    • Tenor Horn
      Tenor Horn
    • Baritone

    Tenor/Baritone Horns

    • Euphonium


    • Eb Tuba
      Eb Tuba
    • Bb Tuba
      Bb Tuba
    • Sousaphone

    Tubas and Sousaphone

Please note that not all brass instruments are shown here. In addition, there are often other variations on many of the instruments listed above that have not been included. We have however tried to include the most common instruments and their derivatives.

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